Why opt for Nexus ID06?

3/4 of all ID06 cards are ordered from Nexus – we list the 16 reasons why most people choose us as their ID06 provider.

3/4 of all ID06 cards are ordered from Nexus – here we list 16 reasons why most people choose us as their ID06 provider.

  1. When you have registered your business for an ID06 account with us, you will receive login details to our order portal where you can quickly and easily order and administer your company’s ID06 cards.
  2. We offer the option to create a so-called master account. This makes it possible for a person or company to be authorized to log on to several other companies’ ID06 accounts to order and administer their ID06 cards.
  3. We are available 8:00–17:00 all business days, if you need help or have questions.
  4. Most other ID06 providers require Swedish companies to send in a registration certificate from the Swedish Companies Registration Office (Bolagsverket) and a record extract from The Swedish Tax Agency (Skatteverket) in order to register the company for an ID06 account with them. We do not – we retrieve these documents for you, free of charge.
  5. If you for any reason do not want to use our convenient online form to register your company for an ID06 account, we help you register manually.
  6. If you are in a hurry to get your company registered for an ID06 account, we offer an Express registration service. This means that we complete the registration within 1 business hour after the time when we receive all the information from you, either via our web form or by contacting us.
  7. In a hurry to get new ID06 cards? Then you can select Priority order when you order the cards in our ordering portal. If you place your order before noon on business day, we will send the cards by first class mail the same day. Otherwise, we will send the cards by first class mail the next business day.
  8. In a big rush to get new ID06 cards? With our service Express delivery in Stockholm, we help you order cards that you can pick up within 1 business hour at our office in Telefonplan in Stockholm, Sweden.
  9. If you do not have a photo of the person you are ordering a ID06 card for, you can buy a photo code that the person can bring to one of the over 80 Nexus-connected photo booths around Sweden. The person types in the code and takes a photo, which is automatically sent to Nexus and printed on the person’s ID06 card.
  10. We offer a wide range of card accessories, such as card holders, yo-yos and lanyards. You can order them quickly and smoothly and in order portal, at the same time as you order new cards. If you order a minimum of 500 lanyards, you can personalize them with, for example, your company logotype or colors.
  11. At the end of each month, you will get an email with a report where we list all the cards that will become invalid over the next two months. This means that you do not need to keep track of when it is time to order new cards.
  12. We offer to print information about the cardholder’s next of kin on the card. If an accident should occur, this is invaluable information.
  13. If you upload your company logotype when you register your company for a Nexus ID06 account, we will print your logotype for free on your ID06 cards.
  14. In our easy-to-use order portal, you can also do a range of other things besides ordering new ID06 cards. For example, you can see the status of your orders and cards; lock cards; reactivate locked cards; order a new card with the exact same information as a card that is expiring or lost; and add purchasers and change their data.
  15. Nexus ID06 is part of identity and security company Nexus Group, which is an expert in RFID technology.
  16. Nexus ID06 has been an accredited ID06 supplier ever since the ID06 system was created back in 2006, and we have always been the largest supplier. This means that we know what we are doing

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