Frequently asked questions

Here we have gathered the frequently asked questions and what it means to be a Nexus customer.

Before you could turn to Nexus with all your questions, but since the launch of the new ID06 2.0 Card a lot of processes goes trough ID06 AB ( Therefore you need to contact ID06 AB for questions like:

  • Are you not able to login with BankID?
  • Do you have problem to register your personal ID06 account?
  • Questions regarding the invoice for a yearly fee for all your ID06 cards

Do you have further questions? Contact us: or call: tel: 010-33 33 280.

Register company and personal accounts

I am an existing customer, do I really need to register my information again?

Yes. All companies, users, cardholders and administrators needs to have a personal account in the new ID06 system. This is a requirement from ID06 AB.

Here is a guideline, how to register an account in the ID06 system:

Register your personal account here.

When you have a registered an account, order your ID cards here.

Use the same login information as when you registered your personal account.

Please note, you are not able to use the same login as you did for the ID06 card 1.0!

How do I add a company?

Log in to the order portal,
Select: Switch company. All companies, connected to you via the ID06 system will be visible.  The authorized signatory can invite you to become a user or an administrator, you will then be able to place orders on their behalf.

Who needs a personal ID06 account?
  • Administrator: Order cards, add/take away users in the order portal
  • User: Order cards in the order portal
  • Cardholder: Confirms a card order
  • Authorized signatory: Approves a company registration in the ID06 system and appoints administrators.

You will find more information at Nexus DOC site.


Why am I not the authorized signatory?

You need to be registered at Bolagsverket. Check if you are properly registered there. If not, the company needs to approve you and send in the form to Bolagsverket. ID06 AB check the status of a company and their authorized signatories towards Bolagsverket.

We are not able to register the company in the ID06 system, what is wrong?

Is the company correctly registered and approved by Bolagsverket?

Approved company forms in the ID06 system:

The authorized signatory needs to have BankID to be able to confirm the company registration. If the authorized signatory do not have a BankID, the company can´t be registered.

Check the status of the registration in the ID06 system here.

You can also contact ID06 AB support for assistance.

I have changed my name, what do I do now?

You need to up date your BankID. Name and spelling in your BankID must be exactly the same as your card information, otherwise you will not be able to confirm your card with BankID.

Order and manage cards

I don´t have a BankID, how do I order ID06 cards?

To be able to register and account, order and confirm an ID06 card, 2.0, you need to have a BankID.

Later on you will be able to order and verify your cards via passport scanning, until that solutions is ready, please order Card 1.0 here

We will update our Nexus ID06 web site when the passport scanning is an option.

Is it possible for a municipality to register and order the ID06 card 2.0?

Municipalities will be able to register in the ID06 system during the Spring of 2019. You will find more info at ID06 AB:

Until then you can order ID06-card 1.0:

What companies are approved to sign up for an ID06 card, 2.0?

Only the authorized signatory is able to register a company in the ID06 system. Please note, to be approved signatory for a company, your need to registered at Bolagsverket.

The following company forms are approved by ID06 AB:

Limited liability company – Aktiebolag

Partnership – Handelsbolag

Limited partnerships – Kommanditbolag:

Sole proprietorship – Enskild firma

Economic association – Ekonomisk förening

More information at:

How do activate the card?
  1. Activate your card here.
  2. Follow the step by step instruction to activate your card.
  3. Add the serial number of your card, you will find it printed at the card; BB-xxxx-xxxxxx.
  4. When you activate your card a PIN will be connected to the card. Click Show PIN, to the left at the the screen and the PIN will be visible. You can always log in again later on, to display your PIN.
  5. The card is now ready for use.
My card is valid but inactive, what do I need to do?

The cardholder needs to activate the card before it can be used.  Activate your card here

How do I check card status?

Login to the order portal.
Select Previous orders.

Select Status and then select any of the displayed status (active, blocked, waiting for approval from cardholder etc). You will get a list of all cards with that status.

How do I re order a card?

If someone have lost their card, or if the card have been stolen, block the card and then re order the card:

  1. Select New order. You are now able to see the existing cardholders for the company.
  2. Select the card holder who needs a new card. Validate.
  3. Click Next to proceed the order process. Confirm the order and click Validate.
  4. The car holder confirms the new card order and the card will be produced when the order is confirmed.
  5. A new card will be sent out.
How do I block a card?

Login to the order portal
Select Previous orders. Select Active (to see all active cards for your company). Mark the card in the tick box to the right. Select Block card.


Can I cancel an order?

Depending on status of the order process you might be able to cancel and take away the order completely. In the order summary view, you are able click for a specific card and select cancel.

If the order is confirmed by the administrator, only the cardholder is able to cancel the order for that specific card. The administrator can select Block card in the order portal, status view.

The cardholder needs to confirm the card before it will be produced.

How do I add or take away users?

The authorized signatory approves one or several administrators, who are able to place card orders and add/take away users for the company.

Guideline how to appoint administrators in the system

Add/ or take away administrators in the serviceportal

The card order have been rejected by Nexus, why?

Most common reason is that the photo do not meet the requirements (for example; the photo is to dark or have reflections etc). The administrator will receive information from Nexus why a specific card has been rejected.

I am not able to confirm my card order, why?

Any of your personal information is not correct in the order. Check the spelling of your name, your social security number etc in the order. The personal information in the order must be exactly the same as your BankID information, otherwise your confirmation will fail.

If you find an error in the order, deny the card order and write the reason for the denial. The administrator will get a notice to change the order.

Who confirms a card order?

A new card will be confirmed in two steps:

  1. Administrator confirms the order.
  2. The cardholder confirms the card. The card will not be produced until the cardholder has confirmed his/her card.

Guideline for card confirmation.

My login doesn´t work, what is wrong?

Do you have registered a personal account in the new ID06 system? To be able to order cards 2.0, you will need a new personal account.

If you want to order cards 1.0, then you can use your old login that you have received from Nexus earlier. Please note that the 1.0 card is valid until June 20th 2019 only!

Guideline how to register and order ID06 card 2.0:

Register your company and/or personal account in the ID06 system here

When you successfully have signed up for a ID06 account, order the new cards here.

Please note, you need to approved administrator to be able to place an order in the new system: Guideline how to appoint administrators in the system

For ordering the ID06 card 1.0, you can use your old login here.

The order portal is very slow, what is wrong?

We recommend you to use Google chrome as web browser.
Download here: Google Chrome.


Where can I order ID06 cards?

Order your cards and accessories here.

How to order an ID06 card, 2.0?
  1. Register a personal account in the ID06 system. Connect your account to the company.

Here is a guideline, how to register an account in the ID06 system:

Register your personal account here.

  1. When your account is registered in the ID06 system, order your ID06 card here:

Use the same login information as when you registered your personal account.

Please note, you are not able to use the same login as you did for the ID06 card 1.0!

Functionalities in the Nexus orderportal

We are not able to log in to order portal and order ID06 cards, 2.0, what is wrong?
  1. Do you have a personal account registered in the ID06 system?
  2. Is your company registered and confirmed in the ID06 system?

The company registration needs to be approved by the authorized signatory of the company. ID06 AB verifies the company information and verifies the authorized signatory. Please contact the ID06 AB´s support for status regarding your company registration.

Register your personal account in the ID06 system here

3.  To be able to place orders in the portal, you need to be authorized:

  • As authorized signatory or
  • As approved Administrator. The authorized signatory adds and approves administrators in the ID06 system, when signing the company registration. Administrators can also be appointed afterwards by the authorized signatory.

Guideline how to appoint administrators in the system

When you have been appointed as Administrator, you will receive an invitation via email and you are soon ready to order cards in the portal.

We need EM technology for access control, what is the best solution?

In Nexus order portal, you will find different type of replacement products with EM for access control:

Cardholder with attached EM transponder
The EM transponder is mounted at the bottom of the card holder and then you place your ID06 card above the transponder, in the cardholder.

Separate card with EM

Key fob with EM

When uploading a logotype in the order portal, which size should it have?

The logo needs to be minimum354px (width) and 118px (high) for the new card standard.

Is it possible to administrate several of companies?

Yes – You need to be approved and invited via the system by the authorized signatory of the company. In the order portal, your get an overview of all companies, connected to you:

I want a summary of all active cards, how do I do?

Log in to the order portal.
Select Previous orders. Select Status and select Active. You will see a summary of all active cards. In this view, you can select a specific card, mark that card, and change the status, for example Block a card.

Is it possible to change the delivery address?

If you have ordered ID06 card, 2.0 before, you will automatically see a list with the address/addresses you have used before. Pick any address from the list, or add a new address. The order will be send to chosen address.

Card technology

Why does the new ID06 card, 2.0 not have EM technology?

ID06 AB have chosen not to integrate EM in the new card standard since the security level is not high enough.

Is it possible to customize the encoding of the card?

Customized encoding for example a sector can be done.  Please note, a specific encoding structure needs to be specified for each company. Contact Nexus support for more information.

For how long is an ID06, 2.0 card valid?

A standard ID06 card, 2.0 is valid for maximum 5 years. A shorter time of validity can be chosen in the order process. The administrator (the person authorized to order cards) can decide the time of validity in the order process.

Do I need to have my social security number printed at the card?

Is your company registered as a Sole proprietorship (Enskild firma in Swedish)?

Yes – If the company is registered as Enskild firma due to Swedish registration and tax laws, the social security number of the company owner is the same as the company VAT number. ID06 AB have decided that the VAT number always need to be printed and visible at the card. For an Enskild firma, that means that the social security number will be visible at the card.

No – If you don´t have an Enskild firma, your social security number will not be visible at the card, only the company VAT number.