Order your new ID06 card 2.0 today!

A new card with higher level of security has been released and all old cards needs to be replaced until June 2019!

Order ID06-cards with the new card standard.

A new card standard for the ID06 system have been introduced, and the ID06 card 2.0 has a trust level called LoA 2 (Level of Assurance 2.The purpose of the new standard is to increase security and to secure the identity and link between cardholders and the company. This minimizes the risk of copying or otherwise manipulating cards.

All companies and card holders needs to be registered in the ID06-system and employees must get new cards.

If you have not registered your company at ID06, you can do so here.
See a short video about how to connect your company to ID06 here.


For those who have already registered your company, order your ID06 card here.


When you have ordered your card, you need to activate it:

You will find a guideline how to register your company and/or a personal account here:

The 20th of June 2019 the old ID06 cards 1.0 will expire!


Identification with passport or a national ID

Doesn´t the card holder has a Swedish BankID?