FAQ New ID06 Cards (LoA2)

Why are new ID06 cards needed?

Sveriges Byggindustrier has chosen to increase the security level of the ID06 system according to the eIDAS regulation. eIDAS regulates e-ID (eg BankID in Sweden) and is available in three LoA levels (Level of assurance).

Sweden’s construction industry has chosen LoA 2, which implies a high level of trust that ensures the identity of the individual, ensures that the relationship between the company and the individual is correct. The process also ensures that it is the authorized signatory who has connected the company the connection to the ID06 system. By ensuring all identities in a reliable way, a high level of trust and high security is achieved to ensure the employer relationship between companies and individuals. More information can be found here.

ID06 AB is owned by the Swedish Construction Industries with several industry players.

How to order new ID06 cards?

  1. Register your company here (done once per business).
  2. The authorized signatory approves the company registration by identification with Swedish BankID.
  3. New cards can ordered in the Nexus ID06 Card Portal. The administrator will be identified with BankID when the order is registered.
  4. The cardholder confirms the order of his card by identifying with BankID to approve the order and verifying that the personal data, which will be printed on the card, is correct. The cards will not be produced until the cardholder has approved the order.

All companies must be registered again and all employees must get new cards. Learn more about how to step by step register your company and employees here.

Here is a short video how to connect your company to the new ID06 system.

For those persons and companies that do not have access to Swedish BankID, it will be possible from September 2018 to identify themselves and their company with a passport through a pass-scanner. More information about that will come on later.

When can the new ID06 cards be ordered?

On 20th October 2018, the new ID06 cards can be ordered.

How long are the current cards valid?

The current cards will be valid until June 20th, 2019. After June 20th 2019, the cards will be blocked. If you have a later date of validity printed on your card, the later date will not apply, your card will automatically be blocked on June 20th, 2019. During the period October 2018 – June 2019, the old and new cards will work in parallel.

How long can existing cards be ordered?

You can continue ordering existing cards in the same way as today, in the Nexus ID06 card portal until March 2019. The old cards will be valid until June 20th, 2019. In good time before then, you will need to order the new cards to be sure to get them on time! Between October 2018 – June 2019, the old and new cards will work in parallel.

Who needs to approve orders for the new cards?

  1. The administrator registers an order and identifies with username and password, that has been set when first registering the company.
  2. The cardholder needs to review and confirm the order of his card. The cardholder verifies that the personal information which will be printed on the card is correct (spelling of name, birth number, etc.).
  3. The cards will be produced after the cardholder has verified and approved the order for the card.

What do we do if the authorized signatory or the cardholder do not have Swedish BankID?

Companies and persons who do not have access to Swedish BankID will be able to identify themselves and their company with a passport through a pass-scanner, but must wait until fall 2018. More information about Pass-Scanner Identification will be available later.

What will the new card cost?

The price for the new card will be published at Nexus ID06 soon.

Why must the company be registered with ID06 again?

The process of ordering new ID06 cards will change in order to secure identification at all stages. When a company is registered with ID06, authorized signatory must approve business registration by identifying with Swedish BankID. This ensures that the authorized person registered the company.

Companies or persons who do not have access to Swedish BankID will be able to identify themselves with a passport and passport scanner, which will be possible in fall 2018. More information on how to proceed will come later.

Here is a short video showing how to register the company to the ID06-System: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XedwSpI5t5U

What will be the delivery time for the new cards?

Nexus will continuously publish information about new processes and current times plans. You will find more information at https://www.nexusid06.se/

Who owns ID06 AB?

A selection of companies within the construction sector: Byggherrarna, Fastighetsägarna, SABO, Installatörsföretagen Maskinentreprenörerna, Plåt-och Ventföretagen, Glasbranschföreningen and Måleriföretagen are new part-owners of ID06 AB together with Sveriges Byggindustrier.

What is LoA2?

The new cards follow the eIDAS regulation (eIDAS regulates, for example, BankID in Sweden) wich contains three levels (Level of Assurance). Sveriges Byggindustrier has chosen LoA 2, which means a high level of trust, among other things, by ensuring the identity of company signers, clients and cardholders through secure identification with Swedish BankID.

Why is there no EM chip in the new ID06 card?

ID06 AB wants to increase security in ID06 cards and has a long-term goal of introducing safer technologies in the card. In the new cards, MIFARE Classic will continue to be available, by 2020 the ambition is to switch to safer technologies. More information can be found at https://id06.se/fragor-svar/

We need EM technology cards to access buildings, what solutions can be used?

There are several different solutions, and Nexus recommends one of the following:

1.      Use a EM transponder that you can attach to your ID06 card or the cardholder

2.      Use a keyfob with EM-Technology.

Both products will be able to order in the order portal, this will be possible when it is time to order new cards in october 2018.

What dates are important to remember?

In October 2018, new ID06 cards can be ordered. Before ordering, the company must be registered again. If you have reported your interest at Nexus, you will receive an email with links and information about when it’s possible and how it works. Sign up here for ongoing information.

Until 1 of April 2019 you can order the old ID06 cards in the Nexus card portal as before.

On June 20 2019, the old ID06 cards are no longer valid any longer and will be blocked automatically.

Between October and June 20th, 2019, the new and old cards will work in parallel.

By June 20th 2019, all cardholders need to have their new ID06 cards!


Where can I find more information?

Nexus will continuously publish information at https://www.nexusid06.se/.

Read all information about how to register your company and employees here.

You can also find information at ID06 AB including a FAQ, here: https://id06.se/fragor-svar/

If you subscribe for more information from Nexus, we will send you an email when there are updates about what to do and how to do it. Sign your interest for more information here: link to form