Prices & services for new ID06 cards

Here you can find information about Nexus ID06 services and current prices for new ID06 cards.

The company ID06 AB, which manages the ID06 system, charges fees through their accredited ID06 providers. In addition, ID06 suppliers charge for ID06 card production and for the various services they offer. All prices exclude VAT.

Ordering new ID06 cards:

Standard card – SEK 119 per card, including shipping, done in our order portal.

Ordering accessories – In our order portal, you can also order accessories such as card holders, yo-yos and lanyards. There you can also find replacement products for those who need EM technology. You can find information about prices in the order portal.

Annual charge:

The fee is charged annually as long as your company has active ID06 cards. The fee is invoiced by ID06 AB.

Cost for companies with 1–10 active ID06 cards: SEK 500 per year.
Cost for companies with 11–50 active ID06 cards: SEK 1,000 per year.
Cost for companies with 51–100 active ID06 cards: SEK 2,000 per year.
Cost for companies with 101–250 active ID06 cards: SEK 3,000 per year.
Cost for companies with 251–1000 active ID06 cards: SEK 5,000 per year.
Cost for companies with over 1000 active ID06 cards: SEK 10,000 per year.

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