2. Order ID06 cards

From June 20th 2019, you will need a new ID06 card. Order today!


Guide: How to order an ID06 card

Approve card order

Guide: Approve card order with BankID

Guide: Approve card order with passport/ID

Order cards for municipalities and other organizations

Before you can order ID06 cards 2.0, for the first time, for municipalities, authorities, county councils, foundations, religious communities and non-profit organizations, you must start by filling out a form at ID06 AB:

Fill in the application

The form is checked and approved by ID06 AB and the application must be validated to be valid, read more here. Do you have questions about the form or the status of your application, please email; manuellkontroll@id06.se. We recommend that you apply as soon as possible as the processing time can take up to 1-3 weeks or longer.

During a transitional period, some cardholders still need to order 1.0 cards.

Order your ID06 card 1.0. here

Deactivating of ID06 card 1.0

When a new 2.0 card has been ordered and activated (with the same Company information and personal ID number as before), the old 1.0 card will be automatically deactivated when the new card is activated by the card holder.