Services & Functionalitys

Here you fill find information about Nexus ID06 Services and functionalitys

Identification with passport or a National ID card:

As a Nexus customer, you are now able to identify yourself with passport or a National ID for your new ID06 card 2.0

ID06 AB has approved the following nationalities for passport and ID verification, so far:

  • Sweden
  • Estonia
  • Latvia
  • Lithuania
  • Poland
  1. When you order a new card in Nexus orderportal, select ”manual ID verification” and you will then be able to see which nationalities are approved for manual ID verification today. ID06 AB is leading the process to approve new nationalities for passport scanning and you can see the updated list there.
  2. Nexus partner Sistec AB offers this scanning service. Click here for address information and opening hours.
  3. When a new order has been registered, the card holder receives an email with instructions for the scanning process. When the passport or the national ID card successfully has been scanned, the card holder needs to register a personal account in the ID06 system. Here is a complete guideline for the  registration process


Company logotype printed in color at the new ID06 card:

1. Have you already ordered new ID06 card 2.0 and would like to have the company logotype in colour for your next order, please send an email to:

Enclose the logotype, your VAT number and contact information by the email.

2. Are you going to order your first 2.0 card for your organization?  Select colour logo directly in the orderportal.

ID06 cards for municipalities, authorities, hospitals and schools:

Soon you will be able to order the new ID06 card 2.0 for different type of organizations such as municipalities, authorities, schools and hospitals.

We are continuously updating the information when organizations can start to order!

Add digital security to your ID06 card 2.0!:

The features in the new ID06 card 2.0 in combination with products and services from Nexus, enables your company to increase your digital security and use the card for several of things, besides access control; Login to a computer, digital signing of PDF-document, follow-me-print and secure login to web portal.

Contact Nexus for more information,

How to complement ID06 2.0 cards with EM technology:

If you currently use EM technology in your ID06 1.0 cards to get into buildings or construction sites, you will need to complement your new ID06 2.0 cards, since they don’t have EM technology. This can be done in several different ways, and we recommend one of the following:

  1. Put your ID06 2.0 cards in card holders with EM technology.
  2. Acquire separate cards with EM technology to complement your ID06 2.0 cards.
  3. Acquire key fobs with EM technology to complement your ID06 2.0 cards.

You can easily order your EM cards, EM key fobs or EM card holders in our ID06 ordering portal,where you also order your ID06 cards.

We recommend you to use Google Chrome as web browser. Download here: Google Chrome.